Property Management and peace of mind for you for just $200 per month!


This service includes a bi-monthly check or your home to include an interior walk through as well as an exterior walk around. We will provide you with a report of the bi-monthly check of the property as well as a detailed list of any items that need to be addressed along with photos to support these concerns. We will then be able to work with you to rectify the issue or coordinate with a specialist to have the issue corrected.

This service includes:

  • Inspecting the area around your home, boathouse and outbuildings for any concerns. Special trips to the home will also be included following storms to check for any damage. Any maintenance issues that could cause damage to the property will be noted and addressed with the homeowner.
  • Property will be inspected for any plumbing, electrical issues, lighting, smoke detectors, HVAC filters and water filters to be inspected and replaced as needed. Owner will provide bulbs, batteries and filters specific to their property.
  • We encourage our owners to turn off well pumps, and hot water heaters to prevent any possible plumbing issues and to conserve electricity when not at the home for any extended period of time.
  • Water filtration systems and salt levels to be checked to make sure timers are still set and salt levels are maintained.
  • HVAC will be checked for proper operation and set to owners desired temperature settings.
  • Water will be run in sinks, showers, and bath tubs to ensure that the s-trap is not dried out allowing sewage odors into the home.
  • All Doors and Windows will be inspected to make sure they are secure and free of damage.
  • Exterior landscaping and shrubbery to be checked for damage and trimming needed to keep it away from the home.
  • Leaves and sticks to be removed from driveway, walkways, front porches and decks as needed.
  • Exterior vents and gutters to be checked for any blockage and cleared if needed.
  • Pre arrival property set ups, can also be arranged. This would include going to the home and turning the water, water heater, HVAC on to a pre-arranged temperature to get the home ready for your arrival. *This service is an extra fee of $20 per pre arrival call.

Please Note:
Additional Services such as pressure washing, exterior and interior painting, tree removal, lawn care can all be arranged for an additional fee.