Choosing a Vacation Rental


The decision on which vacation rental property is choose can be a very daunting one. There are several factors that should be considered when making your decision on which property you are going to choose for you vacation like type, price, amenities, how many it sleeps and location. Looking through all of the different vacation rentals can be scary at times, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Type of Rental

The first thing you want to do is to choose what type of rental you are looking for. In Lake Anna, there are three types of rentals that you can choose from, waterfront house, water access house and condominium. Waterfront rentals are ones that the house and property are situated directly on Lake Anna, and usually come with a dock to swim off of and park your boat (if you have one). Water access rentals are properties that are located in a subdivision on Lake Anna but does not have direct water front. Water access rentals come with access to Lake Anna through the communities common area and sometimes come with a boat slip. Condominium rentals are situated either directly on the water, or on a marina’s property just off of the water. Condos are water access and usually come with a boat slip.

Prices and Length of Stay

Vacation Rentals around Lake Anna vary in price and the minimum length of stay. Condominiums and water access rentals are less expensive and most have a two night minimum for stays. Waterfront rentals are going to be more expensive because they are right on the water, and most rent weekly during the summer, opening up for nightly (two night minimum) rentals after Labor Day through Memorial Day. Prices of vacation rentals have other factors besides the type of rental which are the amenities of the property, location of the property, the size and sleeping capacity. The larger the property/house, the more people it sleeps and the more amenities it has, the more per night and per week it will cost. If you are a family of four, the per night cost of a house that sleeps twenty is going to be drastically higher than a house that sleeps 7.

Sleeping Capacity

The sleeping capacity of a vacation rental if very important. This is the second biggest factor driving prices for vacation rentals behind type of rental. When choosing a vacation rental, figure out how many people you will have in your party, then look for houses accordingly. If you have 10 people in your party, don’t look at houses that only sleep 7 or 8. If you look at houses that sleep 20 and only have 10 people, your price per person will be significantly higher.

Amenities and Location

Other factors to think about when choosing your vacation rental are the amenities that you want with the rental. Are there specific amenities such as a beach, kayaks or canoes, shallow water, flat level property, boat house, dock, outdoor grille, large kitchen, etc... Make sure you think about which amenities are important to you in a vacation rental and check on the list of property amenities before you book to make sure the property has what you are looking for.


Location of your vacation rental is very important. Lake Anna is 17 miles long, has a Private and Public side and splits where the Pomonke and North Anna Rivers meet. The biggest thing you have to decide on is if you want to rent on the Public or the Private side of Lake Anna. The Public side (also known as the "Cold" side) has all of the normal amenities such as gas stations, boat launches, restaurants etc… The Private side (also known as the "Hot" side) is where the power plant discharges its clean water which makes it about 5-10 degrees warmer than the Public side. The Private side also has no public boat launches, no restaurants or gas stations on it. Everything needs to be brought in when you come in. There are also several spots around Lake Anna that you might be interested in stay by such as the Sand Bar, the Bahamas, the State Park or one of the several restaurants that are right on the water. You should decide what is important location wise, and choose a rental accordingly.

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